December 2019 - Production & Shipping Time Update

December 2019 Production Update from the OGO Team

Due to significant renovations and implementation of a pioneering new DTG printing system, OGO is experiencing slower than usual production times since late October.

Current production times for all orders (Standard, Express, International) is 5-8 business days from the day OGO has invoiced your orders. This is longer than our usual average production times of 2-5 business days, and the OGO team is working at full capacity to address this.

What's being done to get production back on track?

There is a silver lining to everything, including these production delays. Our new printing system is a significant investment by OGO and will increase production by 500% over the coming weeks. Not only that, we are seeing improved quality and will be offering the ability to provide larger prints, more apparel options, quicker turnaround times and the most requested feature thus far - inside neck tag printing.

The OGO team is very excited to introduce this new system for our OGO sellers. It's an Australian first!

When will production get back to normal?

OGO estimates that production will get back to an average production time of 3-5 business days shortly. The Q4 period sees a huge increase in the volume of orders due to Christmas so 1-3 business day turn-around times are unlikely until after Christmas.

We want to apologise to all OGO sellers and their customers for the slower than usual production times. We very much appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

If you have any concerns and feedback, please contact our team directly through email or the contact form.

I haven't been invoiced for my orders yet?

As part of the migration, some stores will have billing/invoices delayed a few days. This does not affect the production start time of your orders. 

Latest Update from December 18th

The team has been working hard and the majority of orders up until December 8th, the advertised Christmas cut-off, have been posted and upgraded to Express Post. Orders up to 12th of December are finishing production and are being posted by Friday, December 20th.

Some orders between November 18th and December 2 were impacted by the transition to the new print system, with some orders taking upwards of 20 business days due to being 'stuck' in a queue. OGO has fixed the issue and the backlog should be now complete. If you have any outstanding orders from before December 2nd, please let our team know! 

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