How do I setup Shipping in Shopify

When it comes to setting up the Shipping methods you'll offer your customers, its entirely up to you,

You will have to set up your own shipping methods and rates in the settings of your Shopify store. Check out Shopify's extensive guides on how to do so:

What is the most popular setups for OGO sellers?

Flat Rate Shipping

The most popular, and simplest, shipping method we've seen is a flat rate shipping per order. Most stores set the shipping as $5-10 per order flat rate, regardless of the quantity ordered. The most common is $8 for Australian delivery since it matches the shipping rates we charge you

The most common flat rate for International delivery is $12 per order.

Using flat rate shipping means you, the seller, would absorb the cost of shipping for extra items. This is a small amount and easily covered by the extra sales. If you do offer a flat rate shipping cost per order, be sure to advertise this! It's an excellent selling point and helps improve conversions in your store.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is popular with some stores. OGO sellers will usually increase the RRP of each item in order to cover the cost of free shipping. While the usual RRP may be $34.95 ( How much should I be charging for my t-shirts?), a seller offering free shipping may increase this to $39.95 to $44.95 in order to cover the cost of free shipping.

Advanced: Conditional Shipping

Some stores wish to pass on the true cost of shipping to their customers, which is based on per items. To do this in Shopify you have two options

Easier: Get a Shopify Shipping app to manage these conditions. This may incur some extra cost to install and use the

Free: You can set up conditions so shipping charges are based on the weight of the order. OGO products are all set to 200grams, so you can set up conditions such as

Order with one item (200 grams total): $8 shipping
Order with two items (400 grams total): $9 shipping

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