How often do you bill/invoice OGO orders?

OGO works on a daily billing cycle for orders received from your store.

On the morning of every business day (Monday to Friday), your orders are processed automatically and invoiced as a batch. The payment method you've added to the OGO Shopify App will then be billed for the amount.

Once billed, an itemised invoice in PDF format is sent to your registered email.

If successful, your orders then begin production immediately. Allow on average 2-7 business days for completion.

There is currently no alternative billing cycle (such as weekly or monthly invoice). All orders are paid upfront before we start production. OGO does not offer credit accounts.

For new stores to OGO, the first invoice for your new orders may take 1-3 business days, as we set up your store in our system. This is normal and part of our onboarding process.

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