Can I combine separate orders?

I've just created two separate orders, can I have them combined?

Unfortunately, no. While we would love to be able to combine separate orders in certain circumstances, our automated fulfilment and production system does not allow for this to happen.

Even if an order is placed within minutes of each other, it is not possible to combine them once they have been downloaded and processed by our system. In order for OGO to process orders for everyone as quickly and efficiently as possible, a very strict fulfilment process is in place which can not be altered and modified to combined orders.

Similar policies apply to all major eCommerce retailers.

But I want to add more items to the order, what can I do?

The BEST solution for you, if you need to 'add more items' to an existing order, is to delete and cancel your original order within minutes of it being placed, before the OGO app downloads and processes it.

Then, go ahead and place your correct order with all the items. It's best to email OGO with details about the cancelled original order (include the Order Number and your store name) to confirm it has been cancelled.

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