What is the maximum print area for garments?

The standard maximum print area for most garments is 14" width x 16" height

Here is a list of products and their maximum print areas.

All Adult T-Shirts - 14" x 16"

AS Colour Barnard Tank Top - 12" x 16"

AS Colour Stencil/Supply Pocket Hoodie - 14" x 12" (Front of Pocket Hoodie). 14" x 16" (Back)

AS Colour Crop Tee - 12" x 10"

AS Colour Youth Tees - Up to 10" x 12". Varys based on size. OGO will automatically scale down artwork for smaller Youth tees

AS Colour Carrie Tote Bag - 14" x 12"

AS Colour Shoulder Tote Bag - 14" x 16" 

AS Colour Parcel Tote Bag - 10" x 12" 

Baby Rompers - 6.5" x 7.5"

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