Can I make modifications to an order after it has been placed?

Due to the automated nature of OGO's fulfilment process, modifications and changes to an order are not always possible.

All request for changes must be submitted in writing to the OGO support team via email.

Changes are only possible if the order has not yet entered the production stage. Most orders enter the production stages within a few hours of being invoiced.

Possible changes

  • Change of shipping address
  • Change of size
  • Change of colour*
  • Change of style*

*Some changes may be complex and OGO may cancel an existing order and request you place a new one with the correct details

Changes that are best handled by cancelling the order (request in writing) and placing a new order:

  • Changing the design
  • Changing the number of items in the order

Note on editing order in Shopify Admin or OGO.

Any changes to an order that has been placed (entered 'paid' status) are unlikely to come through to OGO to be actioned. OGO receives the original order details within minutes and, therefore, can not monitor for any future changes to the order done via Shopify.

For this reason, please email any change or cancellation request directly to OGO.

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