How do I cancel an order with OGO?

To request a cancellation of the order with OGO, please email the OGO support team and provide us with the following details

  • The Shopify or OGO Order Number (not your OGO invoice number)

Orders can be cancelled if

  • They have not yet been invoiced
  • They have been invoiced, but have not yet entered production (this usually happens within a few hours of being invoiced)

If you need to cancel an order, we recommend doing so within 1-2 business hours of the order being placed.

If you have cancelled the order in the Shopify admin or OGO app, you are still required to email OGO to request and confirm the cancellation, as it may have already been invoiced and in production.

OGO is working on a feature that will provide great transparency as to the status of your order. It will provide a window where an order can be cancelled automatically, and it will advise when an order can no longer be cancelled.

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