New OGO products not syncing - Shopify Product & Variant Limits

If your store and OGO app are beginning to experience syncing new products, you may have hit your stores Shopify API/Product Creation limits.

What are the Shopify API/Product Creation limits?

Shopify has a soft limit on the number of API calls and product variants you can create in your store each day. The problem is exacerbated when you have many variants (like all the colours and sizes) in each product.

The current estimation of the limits are:

  • A total of 50,000 variants will trigger the variant creation limit
  • Once triggered, the store is then limited to 1,000 new variants per day

While the official reason for these limits has never been disclosed, the most common theory is that it is done to prevent spam and excessive product creation.

A standard message via the API is "Daily variant creation limit reached."

What can be done to get around this issue?

  • Shopify Plus plans are excluded from the API/Product creation limits.
  • Our previous recommendations to request an exemption from Shopify is no longer applicable. Shopify now does not provide an exemption to stores that are primarily print-on-demand or drop shipping.
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