What the Status icon/colours mean in the OGO App Products Tab

Orange: Product creating in-process - Syncing

When you've completed the product creation process in the OGO app, and click Submit, the creation and syncing process beings. Allow on average 5-15 minutes for each product, this may depend on how busy the Shopify API and OGO server is at the time.

If the status is Orange for more than 30 minutes, please contact the OGO team for help.

Red (?) Status : ERROR

An error happened when trying to create your product. Hover over the icon for a brief description of the error.

Please contact the OGO team if this occurs. Please provide

  • A screen capture of the Products tab
  • Copy/Paste the product name
  • Advise when you tried to create the product (date and time)
  • Send a copy of the Design file used for this product (so the OGO team can try reproduce this)
  • And any extra information that may be helpful

Green: Synced and Ready to go!

Your OGO product was created successfully, and is now viewable in your Shopify Store. You can edit, public and sell it now.

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