Do you offer Neck Tag Relabelling or Printing?

OGO will be launching a raft of branding and relabelling options very shortly! Trials are finishing shortly, so watch this space! Sign up for our newsletter and app to get first access to this pioneering on-demand branding service!

Printing inside the apparel, at the neck tag is unlikely to be offered. While other companies offer this service, we’ve seen in most examples the design showing through to the outside of the t-shirt. This is due to the nature of water-based inks (which sink into the garment), vs the more traditional screenprint plastisol inks (which sit on top of the garment).

Neck Tag Relabelling with your labels: Expected to be introduced in 2020. Priced around $1.50 per relabel (supplier labelled removed, new label sewn over). The size label from the supplier remains.

Relabelling and neck printing is currently available for custom bulk orders (50+ units).

To see our current packaging and branding options, including photos, click through to our Packaging and Branding page

Sorry, we won't be able to provide an EXACT ETA on when these services will be available.

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