Where is the tracking for my order?

December 15th Update:

OGO was made aware that shipping and tracking details were not being updated to Shopify orders since December 1st. It has been found that due to a change in Shopify's API, OGO has been unable to add tracking numbers to orders, nor update the status to 'fulfiled' once orders have been despatched.

The OGO team are working on fixing this issue asap. Until then, please email your Order # as a reference if you would like the tracking details. Store owners will be required to manually update order statuses to 'fulfilled' manually.

Since October 8th, 2019

All Australian orders will now have the Auspost tracking numbers added to the Shopify Order details once despatched. In addition, the status of the order will change from 'pending fulfilment' to 'fulfilled'.

  • The Auspost tracking details are added once an order has finished production and shipped
  • Production times range from 2-7 business days.
  • Order status is changed to 'fulfilled' on Shopify
  • It is the responsibility of the store owner to set up their own automated emails to send messages to customers letting them know the order has shipped and their tracking number

International Orders are not being updated automatically as yet. The OGO team is working on this as a priority.

International tracking numbers can be requested by email hello@ogo.com.au, 3 business after an order has been placed & invoiced. Please include the following information

  • The Shopify Order Number (not your OGO Invoice number)
  • Your myshopify.com name (the unique name for each Shopify store, NOT your custom domain name).
    eg xxxxx.myshopify.com  not  my-custom-domain.com

On receipt of these details, we'll send you the tracking numbers.

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