Where can I find the Order Status and Tracking for my OGO Orders?

Australian Orders

Status & Tracking in Shopify Order details

All Australian orders will now have the Auspost tracking numbers added to the Shopify Order details once despatched. In addition, the status of the order will change from 'pending fulfilment' to 'fulfilled'.

  • The Auspost tracking details are added once an order has finished production and collected by Auspost.
  • Production times range from 2-7 business days on average. (see our Shipping Page for current estimates on production & shipping times)
  • Order status is changed to 'fulfilled' on Shopify
  • It is the responsibility of the store owner to set up their own automated emails to send messages to customers letting them know the order has shipped and their tracking number
  • OGO now triggers the 'Send Confirmation' email via the Shopify API, if your shipped email is set up and active, your customers will receive a shipping confirmation email for their order which should include the tracking details.

Here is an example of how the timeline on your Shopify Order should look.

  • "OGO - Australian Print on Demand requested fulfillment of ## items from Ogo Print on Demand."
    This is the first status update from OGO, to confirm OGO products in this order have been received by OGO for billing and fulfilment.
  • "OGO - Australian Print on Demand fulfilled ## items via Ogo Print on Demand."
    This status update happens when OGO has despatched your items and the package is registered with Australia Post
  • "OGO - Australian Print on Demand sent a shipping confirmation email to your@customer.com"
    This status updates confirms a shipping confirmation email, including the Auspost tracking number, has been sent to the customer.

Status & Tracking in the OGO Shopify App

The production and shipping status of all your orders can be found in the OGO Shopify App's 'Orders' tab.

  1. Open the OGO Shopify App in your Shopify Admin
  2. Click on the 'Orders tab'. This will open the Orders dashboard

    The current statuses include:
    • Order Received
      An order with an OGO product has been received and pending billing/invoicing.
    • PaidThe order has been invoiced and billed successfully by OGO and fulfilment has now commenced
    • Completed
      The order has been printed and despatched. Orders in Australia will have their Auspost tracking numbers in the Order Details page (see image below)
    • Not an OGO Order
      An order in your store does not contain any OGO products. OGO will not fulfil this order.
  3. Click on an individual order number to open up the order details. The Auspost Tracking number and link can be found in the 'Track' link next to the Order Status

International Orders (Not currently updating tracking or status)

International Orders are not being updated automatically as yet. The OGO team is working on this as a priority.

International tracking numbers can be requested by email hello@ogo.com.au, 5 business after an order has been placed & invoiced. Please include the following information

  • The Shopify Order Number (not your OGO Invoice number)
  • Your myshopify.com name (the unique name for each Shopify store, NOT your custom domain name).
    eg xxxxx.myshopify.com  not  my-custom-domain.com

On receipt of these details, we'll send you the tracking numbers.

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